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Amy Dalla Mura repeatedly called Anna Soubry a traitor on television and interrupted interviews

A Brexit activist who was “obsessed” with former MP Anna Soubry has been jailed for harassing her.

Amy Dalla Mura, 56, was found guilty after a trial of repeatedly targeting the ex-Independent Group for Change MP earlier this year.

Dalla Mura then also stood as an English Democrat candidate in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire, against Ms Soubry.

Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said Dalla Mura “showed an obsession and fixation” with the politician.

She was jailed for 28 days.

Dalla Mura, of Eton Villas, Hove, was found guilty last month of harassment.

She was banned from campaigning in Broxtowe after the verdict, as well as contacting or mentioning Ms Soubry on social media.

Soubry ‘left frightened’

The court heard Dalla Mura targeted the MP between January and March this year, turning up at events and calling her a “traitor” on live television.

She disrupted an event where Ms Soubry was speaking, repeatedly interrupting her and live streaming the event on Facebook, and had to be escorted from the premises before the event continued.

A second incident saw Dalla Mura shouting “traitor” as Ms Soubry was interviewed live on BBC’s Newsnight in Parliament’s Central Lobby, while once again filming her on her phone.

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Ms Soubry was elected as Conservative MP for Broxtowe in 2010 but resigned from the party earlier this year

Ms Soubry said she was left “frightened” following the incidents, but Dalla Mura did not accept this and claimed her behaviour was politically motivated.

She shouted “democracy is dead” and “shame on you” as she was sentenced on Monday.

“Ever since the murder of Jo Cox, MPs no longer feel able to put up with sustained intimidation,” said magistrate Ms Artbutnot.

“This damages our democracy. Because who wants to put up with this sort of harassment?”

She said the bullying and intimidation that Dalla Mura used “stop ordinary, decent people” becoming MPs.

Ms Soubry, who became a target for Brexiteers after quitting the Tory party earlier this year, lost her seat to Conservative candidate Darren Henry.

She received 4,668 votes as a candidate for the Independent Group for Change, while Dalla Mura received 432 votes.

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